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Child support payments are rarely enough to cover the cost of raising children. Unfortunately, these payments can be a point of contention, or a parent may fail to pay court-mandated support. If you are struggling with any aspect of child support, you need a child support attorney who can help you resolve the problem. If you fail to pay child support as ordered by the court, you may be facing serious legal consequences. 

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Child Support & Virginia Law

Both parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for a child. Under Virginia law § 20-108.2., child support payments are calculated based on the combined monthly gross income of the parents. The amount paid is typically arranged as one facet of a divorce. For parents who are not married, the case can be decided in court. 

The court, whether in divorce, separation, or taken to court for a decision on its own, will evaluate a set of factors when determining the amount due, which include:

  • Both parents’ income and ability to work and earn a living.
  • The combined income of the parents.
  • The number of children requiring support payments.
  • Custody.
  • The costs associated with childcare for a working parent.
  • Healthcare costs for the children.

The amount due will reflect the child custody arrangements, whether sole custody or joint physical custody, and the income of each parent. The parents are obligated to pay in proportion to their monthly gross incomes. If you are not receiving your child support payments, the payments are less than the court ordered, or you have a change in circumstances that make it impossible to meet your obligation, the matter must be resolved through the court system. At Delpierre and DiCorrado, PLC , our team of attorneys is here to help.

Child Support Enforcement

In Virginia, the DCSE (Division of Child Support Enforcement) has been given the right to intercept a tax refund due for past-due child support, among other enforcement methods. If you are not receiving your child support payments, need to increase or decrease payments, contact Delpierre and DiCorrado, PLC at (757) 255-7898 for a child support attorney that will work closely with you to resolve child support matters as quickly and effectively as possible.

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